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Poker88 Roulette

Playing roulette game in Poker88 is quite easy. However, each player may hear some advice from those who have experienced in this game to win the game.

Playing Roulette Game on Asia Dewapoker Gambling Site

Roulette is an exciting casino game by racking up a guess on the number on the board. The name is derived from the French: roulette, which means, “Little wheel”. In Poker88 roulette game, a Bandar spins the wheel in a direction, and then throws a ball in the opposite direction on a tilted round surface, so it rotates around the wheel. The ball eventually falls on the surface of the wheel, on one of 37 points (in European roulette) or 38 points (in American roulette) of colored boxes on the wheel.

Starting Poker88 Roulette Game

First once a player log in their account in Poker88 agent, then they need to;

  • Select Dealer: It is a menu to select a dealer that will guide the game directly.
  • Select Table: It is a menu to select the game table based on the minimum and maximum bet limit and the number of players at the game table.
  • Select Seat: It is a menu to determine a player’s sitting position at the game table.

To start the roulette game, a player must select a Dealer first (Point 1), then proceed by selecting table (Point 2). The next step is to choose the seat he wants. He can only sit in a black chair (Empty Chair) because a brown chair means someone else has occupied the chair. Once he selects a chair, a window loading of roulette game will appear. Then, he is ready to play Poker88 roulette game. Those who have been experienced in this game share their tips and tricks to play and win roulette game.