Green Lodging


“Virginia Green helps preserve and protect Virginia’s natural environment, which is one of our greatest tourism attractions,” Governor Kaine said. “It also helps support our economy, as research shows that travelers who are passionate about protecting the environment are more willing to patron businesses that are working to reduce their environmental impact.”

The American Society of Travel Agents offers the following eco-friendly travel tips:

  1. Respect the frailty of the Earth. Leave only footprints; take only pictures.
  2. To make your travels more meaningful, educate yourself about the geography, customs, manners, and cultures of the region you visit.
  3. Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals.
  4. Always follow designated trails.
  5. Learn about and support conservation-oriented programs and organizations working to preserve the environment.
  6. Whenever possible, walk, hike or paddle.
  7. Patronize those members of the travel industry who advance energy and environmental conservation; water and air quality; recycling; safe management of waste and toxic materials; noise abatement; community involvement; are dedicated to strong principles of conservation.
The Claiborne House is dedicated to conservation and the preservation of this beautiful land.  We use linens, fine china and glassware – vintage so we are recycling and reusing. Use a high efficiency washer and dryer with no bleach. We encourage recreation like hiking, walking, biking, kayaking, fishing, birding and wildlife trail photography. Anything and everything to get us out and about and enjoy what Virginia has to offer.  Thinking of Virginia Wildlife and Future Generations is what counts!

Travelers who are passionate about preserving and protecting the environment are checking into Virginia Green.

The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast is also a Certified Wildlife Habitat:

National Wildlife Federation recognizes The Claiborne House B&B in Rocky Mount, Virginia as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. The property attracts a variety of birds, butterflies and other local animals by providing a wildlife-friendly landscape.