Breweries and Distilleries

Craft brewing and distilling is the new black for tourism. It is a boom breaking out all over Virginia, with Franklin County being no exception.

We officially have two moonshine distilleries operating legally in Franklin County Virginia. The first time since prohibition has a drop of “Franklin County’s Finest” been bottled and sold.

Hours of operation are provided for your travel planning, but be sure to call, text or check their social media pages for confirmation.  We are not responsible for changes in hours of operation or closures. CHEERS!


Chaos Mountain Brewing Co.

Cheeky Monkey
When our head brewer used to misbehave as a child…

Mad Hopper
Our Mad Hopper is “MAD” for this beer. He is…

Squatch Ale
This big, malty Scotch ale presents a wealth of complex…

4 Mad Chefs
This Belgian style quadruple is our tribute to our chef…

Agents of Chaos
The memories of the Trappiste special dark ales lingered on…

Indulge your senses in swirling layers of rich chocolate and…

Taproom is open Thursdays through Sundays.

For special events and more click here to visit the website and Facebook page.

Sunken City Brewing Co.

A 25-barrel, four-vessel brew house with tasting room and pub, store and beer garden. Tour the facility, purchase 20 oz. imperial pints, growlers and more. This brewery is located near Smith Mountain Lake at Westlake, but not waterfront.

Taproom hours:

Thursday: 3pm – 9pm
Friday: 3pm – 9pm
Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 1pm – 6pm (Tours on Sundays)

(540) 420-0476, or click here for the website and Facebook page.


Until literally December 23, 2015 Franklin County has not sold a drop of moonshine in any form or fashion in any legal manner, since prohibition.

Movies have been made about our moonshine and our famous moonshiners. There is a reality TV show on Discovery Channel about Franklin County and some of the real-life characters that make it larger than life. We had a journalist from the Economist Magazine stay with us and go into the woods to discover some of the local Blue Ridge secret still sites. Word is that 90% of Franklin County was built on moonshine money. Wherever you stand on the subject, you cannot avoid the common knowledge that when someone uses these two words together “Franklin County” ears perk up (or would that be eyes light up?)

Front page of Franklin News Post (12/28/15):

First delivery of county’s finest sells out

Distiller signs bottles in the Rocky Mount store

Twin Creeks Distillery

Franklin County’s Finest is Mashed, Distilled and Bottled by Twin Creeks Distillery

Chris Prillaman (Image Courtesy of Franklin County Va Division of Tourism and Film)

Click here for the website for Twin Creeks Distillery.

When and if Twin Creeks Distillery opens a tasting room, you will be the first to know, as it is walk-able (about half a mile) from The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast. Easy down and then back up our hill to get back to the inn, see map with walking directions here.

In Franklin County, moonshine “was just a way of life,” -Chris Prillaman

Franklin County Distillery

The second legal distillery who was actually licensed first in 2015 in Franklin County Virginia is located in Boones Mill, more information will post here as soon as we have it.  The small distillery is owned by Dr. Dan Hodges, who divides his time between Rocky Mount and Lafayette, La. and is operated by Brandon Hash of Ferrum, who is the maker of the corn whiskey.